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[livejournal.com profile] overlimits and I seriously started the most amazing log I've ever written in ever last night.
It's been so long since I've done any RP, or really shipped anything this hard or got this EMOTIONAL over a song. I have no idea why Glee has managed to light this massive fandom fire for me.

It also feels amazing to have gone a day without even THINKING about my NaNo. I feel... really refreshed on it. I'm behind, but I'm feeling the inspiration I felt on day 1 again. That's a good place to be.

It's kind of what I try to tell people about writing. It's not a matter of some magical muse that takes over. You really-truly-actually have to force yourself to write. I mean, no one is going to expect inspiration to take over and let them play the piano. It's a matter of doing it everyday. Don't sweat the important writing you're supposed to do. Just really get some words out there and practice? You have to make yourself write sometimes. A lot of times. More often then anyone is willing to admit. I think writing is romanticised to a bullshit extent. This is a topic I could spend HOURS on, though. Writing is hard, writing is work and if it causes you trouble that means you are doing it RIGHT.

Elise said I do good dialogue the other day and EHFGSKDFJSGHERJ that seriously means so much. I, like, struggle so much with dialogue. All the time. I know I've got a solid voice of my own, and have 100% confidence in that, but that makes it hard to try to enter other voices? My NaNo characters are all way far away from the comfort zone, so having fun with RP with a character like Finn really helped? Just over a day, it really helped.

P.S. Elise plays an amazing Kurt and don't let her ever try to claim anything different ever.
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The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here

I horde prompts like mad, but it's because I'm too perfectionist about what I'll actually post fic-wise. :p I'll totally take non-fic ideas, too?
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K. NEW FIC JOURNAL. [personal profile] nyaa

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