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Doujinshi post

1 Vesperia, 1 Abyss, both gen )

I'll cross-post to appropriate comms later. I really need to stop procrastinating on sewing so hard. XD
piplup: Piplup is pleased (Default)
piplup: Piplup is pleased (Default)
The cat has learned some sort of DARK KITTY MAGIC. He was just doing this weird little kitty dance, and my mouse seriously stopped working the whole time he was doing it. D: Then he flopped down on the ground and it was fine.

In other news, I really need to start naming tamagotchi after nice quiet characters.

Luke, who started out as a fussy baby that was constantly dirty and sick and SAGJKNHKDJSNH has now grown into a teenager that's LITERALLY yelling ALL THE TIME. ALWAYS PISSED OFF. ALWAYS. Now his battery is low, though, which will hopefully be enough of a tragic experience.

I picked up one of the new music star ones the other day. Which I then name Aina. It's generally good, usually just sits and practices. But if ANYTHING goes wrong, it doesn't lose just one heart of happiness, NOOOOOO. It goes BALLISTIC and drops to the lowest possible level of happiness.

You get 8 letters in the new ones, so next is going to be Estelle or something. >:|

Kind of have a flu or something, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. D: Do not want to spend Valentine's Day sick. It's mostly headache, so it's not like I can't deal and go out to dinner and stuff, but I had lunch plans. :(

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