Mar. 4th, 2012

piplup: Felyne in a Hello Kitty costume ([mhunter] » Hello Felyne)
The house is a mess, my laundry isn't all clean and we barely got any grocery shopping done, but dammit. I am getting these achievements we're missing in Bioshock LIKE A BOSS.
piplup: Puppy sipping tea ([cinnamoangel] » Tea for Mocha)
Been walking to and from work lately, which is exhausting enough. It's paired with insomnia the last few nights, as well. I'm looking forward to coming home tonight and going to bed early.

Birthday tomorrow! With Mass Effect on Tuesday. What sucks is that I lost y ID somewhere so I'll have to spend one of the 2 days at the DMV, as well. Leaning towards Tuesday, so it won't be as crazy? I hope?

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