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The Wii is on its way back! We'll have it on the 29th. ;3; THIS CALLS FOR 2.B.A MASTER.

Been reading through Lovecraft for the first time in yeeeears, with some fabulous 1970's editions from PaperBackSwap. XD I think that the cheesy covers just add to the experience.

Silent Hill Homecoming filled my last few days, but, just. Ugh. It's kind of terrible.
I LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK SO MUCH. So I really wanted to enjoy it? I like 4 a lot, and I thought Origins was pretty okay, so I figured the chances that I'd like Homecoming were pretty good. NOPE. FIRST INSTA-KILL QUICK TIME EVENT AND I WAS DONE.
That and when they determined that the roads were just kind of "broken up" due to the mayor just not fixing it. WAT. WHY ARE YOU ALL SO CASUAL ABOUT THIS. It was way too Resident Evil. Someone may as well been all "YOU WERE ALMOST AN ALEX SANDWICH." Man, they needed to quit with the ~spooky kid~ thing. Josh seemed pretty adorable, but they went all THE RING with his character design on box art and such. They also called the Silent Hill god a man at one point? So my motivation to play it because I like the cult lore was totally thrown away there.

...This treasury on the front page of etsy is really ridiculous. It's all "FOR MEN," so it's TAXIDERMY and an OIL CAN and some KNIVES and a photo of a guy with a BEARD. Oh, uh. And some pants. Oh, sexism.

But, yes. I picked up some vintage rings and a Vinnie Puh pin from a seller in Latvia recently, so I'm expecting those in this week! Early next week is more likely? But I'm also getting in some books from Japan this week. XD And a hoodie. I blame [livejournal.com profile] okonomiyaki. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I SPENT ALL MY MONEY THIS MONTH ON ETSY. Well, not ALL of it. I can still "pay bills," which I hear is a good thing to do.
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Ahhh, was able to get delicious ad block working on the Writer's Block box again. I really, really hate the thumbnails. :| Terrible clipart never has a place.

It snowed yesterday? Like, barely at all here. Not at all further south. SO MUCH further north. Glad I stuck with holding off on tomatoes until the first week o' March.

Our Wii made it to Nintendo yesterday, so hopefully not too much longer?

Annnd, lo and behold, once I canceled the order and relisted the item that person paid. :|
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Sitting and waiting for all these system updates to finish so I can get around to finally playing Tri! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So sad I have to go to work at 5. >:| But at least I'm only 3:30-8 tomorrow! I'll be able to play all





But. Yes. I will play all night tomorrow.

ETA: Or not. :/ I was hoping you'd be able to save the data to an SD card, but you can't so I'll mail off the Wii for repairs and wait another 2 weeks to play more. Baw. It's so fabulous and everyone should go buy it noooow. At least if you have a Wii. Or the means to buy a Wii just for Monster Hunter.
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Well, I already spammed twitter over it, but I'll babble more about Monster Hunter Tri here, as well. :3

I didn't play yesterday DUE TO WORK, and I only played one of the two demo quests today DUE TO WORK. :| Then they didn't have any classic controllers for me to buy yesterday, forcing me to play with the wiimote.

As a note, I HATE the wiimote. As much as it is possible to hate anything, I hate the thing. It only doubles my rage to attach the nunchuck. IT IS CENTRAL TO ALL MY COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE DEMO.

So, yes. Set out against this guy, since he's so similar to -dromes, the easiest of the boss monsters. Went with the switch axe, since I've been pretty excited to give them a try. :o

The controls scheme with the wiimote JHBGJKSNGKLJSGFHJBHKBJKSDNGKL So, like, you scroll items and control the camera with the d-pad. WHO EVER WANTED TO DO THOSE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME? PFFT. NO ONE, I GUESS. Using the item once you found it is, of course, the 1 button on the other end of the remote. So, like, doing things quickly is "frustrating" with some "impossible" mixed in, leading to "frustratingly impossible" as the final conclusion. It's pretty frustrating in a game where you would generally like to keep moving/fighting constantly. Stopping to look for an item sucks.

The graphics are really awesome, though. Especially for the Wii. SO, LIKE, I'M EXCITED. Monster Hunter looking totally crispy kicks ass, and finally seeing a game look ~sooo good~ on the Wii is awesome. It probably helps that I've been really excited for this for some time, lol.

I'm glad it'll have local multi-player, too. :3 The online will be free and everything, which is nice.


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