Jun. 5th, 2009 10:31 pm
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Haha, I have been neglecting EVERYTHING INTERNET ever since Fanime.

We're out in California (down in Los Gatos) for Ryan and Jess's wedding. VERY lovely site, awesome rehearsal dinner tonight. Ceremony itself is tomorrow, which should be fun. Elise is a bridesmaid, and her dress is fabulous. :3

Been doing a bit of writing work, but ended up pretty distracted by Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 and 2. XD

Y SO ADDICTIVE? I think my ROM of 2 is faulty, though. I'll have to dig out the GBA and play the real cart once we get back home.
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We appear to have made it back alive. D: That was, like, the bumpiest flight EVER.

Pictures later! I've got some doujin and stuff I'll scan when I get the chance, as well.

BRB, trying to find pictures of my Rita costumes since we didn't take any. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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Yaaaay, driving to airport. ILU, iPhone. I'm still on such a shitty mood from yesterday. I'm also really sore, which will make the flight fun. I'm torn as to my first stop once we're at the hotel: I either want to swim or drink. XD NO PHONE. NOT "DE"

There's tons of traffic, so this post goes on! My Hungary costume came out real cute ;3; Kitty Cat waitress is also looking pretty good. Elise redid Nephry with a dress instead if shirt+skirt, and it's looking good! Her Estelle costume is going to be at the hotel? IDK. XD. I'm not sure of those details.

Man, I wish DIA wasn't in the middle of nowhere. :/
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Today was a generally awful day, so I look forward to a nerd-filled weekend. The hotel charges some ridiculous price for wi-fi, so see you all when we return!
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K, book swaps and hat order are off to the post office!

Once I finish costumes, I'm totally making a couple of freakishly cute skirts with some fabric we found yesterday. :3 Some dresses, as well. All in all, I pretty much doubled the amount of sewing I've got lined up yesterday. It was... pricey? But, I will be filled with love by each and every item. ;3;

Man, those nurse hats are easy to make, but painful. D: Since they've got little buttons tacking the back closed, I've got to hand sew it. Pushing a needle through 8 layers of interfacing plus the fabric is not fun. D: My fingertips are all sore.

Elise's parents get back at about 1 in the morning tonight. We leave for Fanime in a few days. Elise has things to do for school and wedding-stuff.
So, I should probably take the rest of the day to clean and finish cosplay.

I need a wig for Rita still. FFFFF Maybe I'll hit up the costume store tomorrow? My wig for Hungary is AWESOME. Like, the whole front half is skin top, so you can part it, like, any way you want. It made styling the thing an absolute BREEZE. It was pretty much exactly what I needed anyway, which also helped. XD Didn't have to add in the waviness even!

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