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Oh, yeah. I've got the throat-thing that's been going around. Nonetheless, I'm feeling very "spring cleaning"-esque and might pursue that.

Finished up some more of Bayonetta, achievement-wise. Maybe I'll finish the rest we need for Fallout 3 this week, too?

Thinking of taking a swap break this month, but I think it's more fabric swaps I want to step back from. I wouldn't mind a yarn swap, or a handmade-doodle swap. Guess I can look around flickr more? I always seem to miss sign-up on ravelry swaps.


ETA: It is mildly sad how many people are all "OMG I JOIN I IS IN LOVE WITH FARMVILLE." :( The mod is a Fallout fan, though. So I ~hope~
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arghblargh so sick. Am I going to work? Yes. Yes I am.

Then my oatmeal overflowed in the microwave. :( FML
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Graaah, I am feeling like some serious shit right now. To think I'd only be at lunch if not for this storm.

I WILL USE THIS ILLNESS TO CROCHET. AND WRITE FIC. LOL. Glee has 2 kink memes and I feel they both need more delicious fills. :|
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Blurf. Hardly got any sleep, still recovering from some kind of food poisoning/anxiety attack ordeal. Pretty much feel like craaaaaaap.

Elise's mom gets her eye operated on today. :o To get some, like, extra blood vessels removed or something. We made her an awesome eyepatch, though. :D

Annnnyway, Elise is waiting for me to show up so we can grab groceries. Hahahaha, I even wandered around to find Congalala and see his intro, and I still need to get dressed. SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT, BB.
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Uuuuugh. D: Slept like shit, got over-heated, poptarts were a TERRIBLE idea for breakfast and now my head hurts. I just wanted to sew today, but arrrrgh. Headache+sewing machine does NOT sound fun.

Eliiiiiise, rescue me and bring me tea and cuddles. :(

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