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Nothing totally huge to report. Still sewing, but took a break yesterday in the name of shopping. Finally got a pair of knee-high Converses. They're so cute, and I love them. XD

Also found a new water bottle/cup thing because my current one is huge. :/ I can put tea and coffee in my new one, so it's awesome even though it's a tad smaller then I'd like.

Thunderstorms today. :3


May. 4th, 2009 09:32 pm
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Dude. We found an Atari at the thrift store today. 100% WIN
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Omnom, chai. ♥

Totally forgot to post about our AMAZING thrift store shopping to other day. We acquired a Taiwanese bootleg of a Rick Astley album, a Sesame Street disco record, and this FREAKISHLY mint condition copy of FFVII. And some other stuff. Either way, we plan on making awesome profit on the game.

It even has the freakin' manual in perfect condition. All for $10. :3

I also found a couple of awesome educational games I used to play. XD Including this one I used to play with my brother. Also, Math Blaster. Fuck yeah.

Oh! And Duck Hunt, still in the little black plastic Nintendo sleeve. I really want to know what happened to OCD Gamer of the Year that resulted in their games being at Goodwill. Now we have to find a Zapper, though. D:
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Oh man, I got the cutest little speakers today. ;3; The ones on my computer were flipping out, and kept crackling. These are all tiny, though. :D Since they're USB, I only have to deal with tons of cords and not finding enough plugs for everything, which was really my only requirement.
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Shopping makes me ridiculously happy. :3 I GOT THE CUTEST JACKET TODAY. IT HAS RUFFLES. AND IS SHINY.

The Macy's in the nearest mall is closing, so they were having a pretty decent sale. Elise got a $100 skirt for $40, which is totally sweet. XD One of my favorite stores is also going under. Baw, at least everything is on MASSIVE SALE. Seriously. I got SO MUCH for just over $20.

Finally over the altitude sickness, seems like Elise is better, too. We finally did grocery shopping, despite it being a pretty snow-covered day. The roads were only a little exciting?


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