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I've never been 100% behind the "subversive cross-stitch" thing. HOWEVER. I am 100% behind the video game crafts thing, and therefore I am making charts of adorable samplers + Bioshock quotes. I just need adequate bunny motifs to go on this Sander Cohen one. [ETA: This site says samplers with rabbit motifs represent "gentleness." lol.] And something that will let me chart out the whole "I choose Rapture" thing without clicking letters one-by-one.

Additionally, Grues and twisty passages. And some not-ever-changing war. With some miserable piles of secrets. These things are, like, required by some law somewhere.


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I am newly determined to plow through my pile of WIPs/patterns to try! I'll start by tackling my embroidery tomorrow. Sewing is next, followed by ponies. Knitting will be worked throughout. Finally, my crochet. I'm hoping to dedicate at least an hour a day? I've got tons of books piling up to read, as well. FFFFFFFFFFFF

I'm surprisingly organized? In my crafts. The books are everywhere. Probably since I told myself I'd do this a few weeks ago and never started. lol
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Pictures o' sewing projects on [livejournal.com profile] lumesire! http://lumesire.livejournal.com/9571.html

I should go finish up those hats, speaking of.
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Ewwww, an actually long work day. Followed by a short day. Followed by a cooking day then ultimately followed by Hetalia Day. :3

I need to go get to work on hats. :/ I've got an order of 8 of them waiting to finish up, my fingers are ~already excited~ to tack them together. Have some stuffed animals in varying states of finished, as well. Mostly dismembered (and incredibly cute!) heads sitting next to the sewing machine.

I don't get off until midniiiight toniiiight. :(

I'm officially done with my Christmas shopping, though! It just all needs to, like, finish coming in the mail.
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Gala is tonight! I have... an underskirt. XD It's absolutely HUGE. Just need to, like, make the dress to go over it. lolololololololol I have until tonight?

Calling Hancock Fabrics to see if they have hook and eye tape since, like, I don't want to use snaps on a boned bodice.

Elise's dress? Absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

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