Oct. 7th, 2010 12:10 pm
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Super excited for NaNo this year! I have a setting, characters and a premise. No story, because, IDK? I do find it easier to start with all the elements of the story and just let it happen through November. The initial planning stuff is right here, I'll get character profiles done later this afternoon.

Got most of the NaNo Gift Exchange items I needed yesterday, going to burn the CD swap discs today. :3

Then I, like, have to actually work for the next 4 days. Ewwww. At least I'm off for the last Alan Wake DLC. Which I hope everyone with an XBox has played by now. :|

Going as Barbara Johnson with the rabbit mask for halloween, and have the mask done! Came out super awesome. LIKE SO, since those updates have all been going to Twitter.

ALSO, TAMAGOTCHI. Gots me some Mametchi action, and the Chamametchi figure. ;3; OF COURSE, IT WOKE ME UP AT 9 THIS MORNING. Pictures later, since I can't find my v4 or Music star ones anywhere and need to keep searching. D: And, like, the Toys R Us lady kept going on about how expensive it was? Like. They've always been in the $20 range, wtf woman. Since, like, the 90's.

Also, this is 50% GIP because Elise made me icons of this commercial, and that kicks ass.
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2,438 words so far, about 600 short of where I wanted to be before this work day. Still ahead of schedule, though? I'll catch up tonight, no problem. I can, like, outline on my lunch break. Since I chucked all my prior planning JUST LIKE THE LAST 3 YEARS. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

K. WORK NOW. For 8 1/2 hours. Ugh. I feel crappy, too.
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Modern supernatural + a mysterious cat? LOOK, GUYS. THIS NANO I'M PRETENDING TO BE MURAKAMI. *SOB*

I love mah desktop this year, though.

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