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olloolloloollololo Everytime I see someone all "THIS IS MY SACRED PICSPAM. DON'T YOU ICON IT." I want to, like, icon each and every thing. Personally, those things take forever, and I would rather all the work lead to some icons I can use then just being some kind of ~LOOK AT WHAT I DID~ circle-jerk. Yeah, they take a while but fo srs? They aren't exactly challenging. ALSO, YOUR SHITTY RED COLORING IS TERRIBLE.

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So, like, the last [livejournal.com profile] news post? That announces NOTHING INTERESTING except TxtLJ updates?

There are people already bitching. THIS IS OFFICIALLY A GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT WILL NEVER BE HAPPY. From "ZOMG The Vampire Bit V-Gift is heteronormative >:|" to "How DARE LJ support the farce that is Global Warming! I demand you 'have a day to promote the other side of this issue'!"

I just have no idea.

*(P.S. Sill looking for someone who wants to swap? PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ?)
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Hahaha, now that different time zones are active, the Writer's Block question now has Twilight outrage paired with "What the fuck is an MLB?" outrage.
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ETA: On LJSeek, if you have disabled searching on your journal here on LJ over last night after they added it to the profile and are worried about older posts being in their database, you can go to http://www.ljseek.com/journal.php and have them remove your username from their database. ♥

lolol, I didn't know Inksome had actually managed to launch. When did that happen? I remember when the founder left and when they ran out of money, and somewhere along that line is when I stopped following them and their progress.

IDK, I miss Blurty. Before they added the dating service thing. And stopped really enforcing the age thing. It was a good community. ♥

Ultimately, short of showing ads to paid users on every page, I can't think of much LJ could do to piss me off enough to leave. If you've been seriously inspired to go, go for it. That's the better action to take over posting image macros and huge text demanding you get your way.

In the end, it'll probably be that shit that drives me away from the site. If another one with a good enjoyable community manages to form, I would totally go over there

Neutral is doing Hetalia art now. >:| They neeeeeeeeed to draw more Abyss.

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