Dec. 10th, 2010 02:19 am
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- Companions now fast travel to the appropriate location when dismissed by the player
- Companions are now marked as indicators on the Pip-Boy map
- Multiplas Rifle now consumes 3 units of ammo per shot (previously 6)
- Plasma Defender now consumes 2 units of ammo per shot (previously 3)
- All reputation safehouses have been updated with additional supplies (armor, weapons, ammunition, skill magazines)
- All-Purpose Science Suit (13 DT, 2 WG, +5 Science) can now be found in the Followers' Safehouse (previously cut content from Fallout 3)
- NCR Ranger Combat Armor can now be found in the NCR Safehouse

OH. This patch also nerfs the sniper rifle, which is pretty damn sad panda face.

It would also be nice if it would come out for platforms besides PS3 by, like, tomorrow. You know.
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E3 was pretty cool this year? I have to say, though: I am not a fan of motion-based controls, and I am not afraid to hide it. Actually. I love the Wii balance board? So I just dislike waving my arms around. NONETHELESS, LoZ: Skyward Sword is really pretty, and I totally look forward to hopefully not-hating it.

Kirby Epic Yarn is absolutely a day one purchase, not gonna lie. I WANT TO MAKE, LIKE, A KIRBY QUILT AND GENERALLY EVERYTHING. (The person who bought the Kirby cross-stitch is hanging it over the front door in their new apartment ;3;)

Metal Gear Solid Rising looks really awesome. I hope watermelon cutting is actually included. Which is silly, but a selling point nonetheless. XD

KR: Glee and FO: New Vegas are both looking awesome still. XD I'm so sad that Karaoke Revolution isn't animating the characters and is just using clips from the show instead.

They didn't announce either of the new Monster Hunters as getting localized, but I'm still holding out since they said there'll be 70 new PSP games by the end of the year? THAT'S A LOT. Especially for the tiny, tiny PSP library. Ad Capcom really concentrated on Marvel vs. Capcom and Dead Rising 2. I WANT TO BELIEVE I WON'T HAVE TO PAY TO IMPORT THEM. SHHHHHHH
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GUYS. If the new Assassin's Creed doesn't have offline multi-player, I am going to cut a bitch.

New Vegas is available for pre-order. But only the collector's edition? Which comes with poker chips and an EXTRA poker chip. And cards. The graphic novel is, like, the only part that sounds cool. I was hoping they'd pull a Bioshock and put the soundtrack on an LP.

Starting tomorrow work is trying to kill meeeee. 45 hours is too much. :|

At least it's a gloomy day today? So I can see the TV and play some Tri or something. XD Since my allergy medication was giving me anxiety I couldn't deal with Lagiacrus being anywhere on the map. Since I have some sort of bizarre fear of sea monsters with electricity attacks (see: Shadow of the Colossus and the Hydrus fight.)
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LJ, I leave you so neglected in the name of twitter. I AM SO SORRY.

TO be fair, I haven't really done much outside of "Go to work, come home, play video games." SO IT'S NOT AS IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ON HERE.


Bioshock 2 was good, the multiplayer is actually fun and not nearly as tacked-on feeling as I thought it might be.

Monster Hunter Tri is out in a liTtle over a month and THE ONLINE WILL BE FREE. :O :O :O The official website has an angry yelling viking/scotsman/guy, which is bizarre. Supposedly Nintendo was going to embark on some huge ad campaign, but IDK. I'm pretty sure this site is all there is so far. :|

I am SO EXCITED for Fallout New Vegas, as well. It'll be so filled with The Postman references, it won't even be funny.

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