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I resolve to finish folding the laundry before I RP today. :| Because I really freakin' want to RP today.

We have a bunch of snow today, which is pretty. :D It is COLD, though. So I actually don't want to go into the laundry room because of that.

I had some crazy dreams last night. :o I only have vaaaaauge memories left of them, might use the general concept in a writing project? IDK. I seem to recall it involved taking a botany class taught by Raven, though.

Second night in a row I've dreamed about school? That's kind of weird.
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I've been having this loooong recurring dream about visiting a children's hospital with groups of people because someone in the group needed to visit a kid named "James Charles." I've never actually seen the kid in these dreams, I usually end up playing with other kids in this waiting room-type area.

Usually the major weirdness of the dream occurs while I'm trying to get up these white stairs: they're all narrow, really flimy, steep and don't have any railings or anything. They come up right in front of these bleachers, though, and there are always kids there in a class of some sort. (This time, the teacher was promising an entire day of 3-square McDonald's meals to the first kid that ate all their mandarines without throwing any of them up. WTF?)

This time was all weird, though. First, I was slowed down getting out of the car and had to navigate through the hospital on my own for the first time. I was really sure I was lost until I saw that staircase, then when I finally got to the waiting room I couldn't find any of the other people I came in with. I waited around for a bit, answered a few questions with the teacher ("Why do we have inches?") and played around with a few toys.

Then someone (I think it was Elise?) came out to tell me that the kid had died. D:

WTF? Recurring dream-people aren't supposed to die. It was seriously creepy, and now I'm in a weird mood.

I'm all crampy, too. >:| Totally dedicating the day to curling up on the couch and dying reading/sewing.
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Went to see Mikel Glass's "The Discarded" last night, and it was AWESOME. :3

Dinner sucked, though? Our waiter SUCKED. ASS. It seriously took us, like, an hour 45 to get almost all our food. He STILL managed to forget an appetizer. We say nothing of refills, that must be some kind of ADVANCED WAITING that he hasn't mastered yet. It was hot and loud in there, and waiting too long for food totally ruined my appetite. :( Their chefs sucked too. Going to stick with awesome nearby sushi place from here on out.

I had weird, vivid dreams last night. XD
Sometimes, I have dreams in which a rasta-guy appears in random situations and gives me random advice. His first appearance was as a fry cook in a Canadian diner, in which he advised me on grinding coffee. I've been following his advice ever since.
Last night, he was a bus boy who informed me that peppermint tea will be just the thing I need for my next cold. ONLY TIME WILL TELL IF HE REMAINS WISE.
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Blarf. Doctor's appointment. I'm a little nervous, and don't know why. D: Probably because I almost passed out from drawing blood last time I saw a doctor. lol. I'm feeling flu-ish still, so I'll probably be all "No. >:| I am already light-headed.")

Then I need to really MOVE on finishing up Christmas gifts. Still need to mail a few out, and finish some for Elise. Next week'll be free shipping week on my etsy, so I need to get some new stock up.

I keep dreaming about living in these weird dorms. Almost every time the dream then shifts to a big victorian house filled with cats. Only the first floor is closed off due to vicious cats. Weird, weird dreams. XD

Also, my tamagotchi died last night. :( AT 4 IN THE MORNING. WITH A LOT OF LOUD BEEPING. FFFFFF. I always knew you were trouble, Billy.


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