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I'm down to 78 out of 101 on my list. :D A bunch are almost done: like new places to eat and reading goals. Kind of knocking them down faster then I thought I would. XD

Still coming off caffeine. It seriously sucks. D: The headaches and such are helping motivate me to read?

Go be inspired to be impossibly cool ...It's kind of wild how many of these people are smoking in the photos. XD
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I should really make one of these at some point XD

AIM: Krityan

last.fm: Lithmire
Twitter: Lithmire
DeviantArt: Chibicko

Xbox: Zalgog

Other journals:
Dreamwidth: Piplup
InsaneJournal: arche-koeln

Crafts, cosplay, icons, etc.: [livejournal.com profile] lumesire
101 things in 1001 days: kriyan@insanejournal
Writing: Nyaa@dreamwidth

P.S. History has taught me that Button Gwinnett is the most hardcore of our founding fathers, holy crap.
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Recommend things to me! I need books, CDs and movies, since I have no idea where to even begin. XD I HAPPEN TO KNOW YOU ALL HAVE PRETTY GOOD TASTE, THOUGH.

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