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I've never been 100% behind the "subversive cross-stitch" thing. HOWEVER. I am 100% behind the video game crafts thing, and therefore I am making charts of adorable samplers + Bioshock quotes. I just need adequate bunny motifs to go on this Sander Cohen one. [ETA: This site says samplers with rabbit motifs represent "gentleness." lol.] And something that will let me chart out the whole "I choose Rapture" thing without clicking letters one-by-one.

Additionally, Grues and twisty passages. And some not-ever-changing war. With some miserable piles of secrets. These things are, like, required by some law somewhere.


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Gaaah! I hate when the garbage guys knock on the door. So scary. Already finished next stitching, FFFFFFFF. Guess I have this little kokeshi bookmark kit here from this magazine? GUESS I COULD GO CRAZY AND DO IT NOW. Or, like, some of the normal embroidery that's laying around, instead of being lazy and doing cross-stitch all the time.

Work as weird last night, mostly due to one person. SO, LIKE. People wander the store and eat food all the time. Whatever. It's technically stealing It's irritating when you hand me sticky, torn wrappers and expect me to magically create a useable UPC. But, still, whatever.

This lady yesterday, though. In the middle of her groceries, along comes the plastic top to a rotisserie chicken container. "Do you... want me to throw this away?" I WAS TOO BAFFLED TO EVEN GUESS WHERE THE REST OF THE CHICKEN WAS. So, this old woman (who is completely alone) goes, "Oh, yeah. I got hungry." then proceeds to produce the other half of the package which contains only bones, all picked completely clean. She keeps that in her cart until she runs out of room for grocery bags. IDK if she was still going to gnaw on those or what.

Maybe she needed extra nutrition for her werewolf transformation tonight or something. IT WAS WEIRD.

There was also a point where I noticed one of the managers standing behind me (although this is kind of sad, moreso than funny or WTF), and when I said "hello" she informed me she was just thinking. "About the wood burning." Which was her strange, dementia-fit fueled way to telling me to finish my line and go to break, as I found out a little later. I don't think she realized that she didn't actually tell me that, because she seemed a little offended for the rest of the day.
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Grah, grah. Work. I need to check what exactly my hours on Easter are, because I have marked down that I work 5 1/2 hours that day and that... makes no sense. I'd theoretically have to take a lunch, and then work for another hour? IDK. I must have added an extra hour in there and have a short day.

Up eaaaaarllly. I don't feel too great, and haven't since night before last, which is probably why. At least I'm off in another 2 days. After that, though, I've got this weekend-type thing going where I work 5 days, have 2 off, work 4 days, have 2 off. Then I've got 3 days scheduled, and I really hope it isn't too late into the next week I'm off again. :|

Finished Nekoht, so I'll sew them into little cases on my next day off. Considering crawling down to my sewing machine for the rest of the morning? That actually sound like a pretty good plan.
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I started this pattern of a King Cureslime, but now I wish I'd done a King Bubble Slime. :( THESE ARE NOT THE CONCERNS OF NORMAL PEOPLE. But, I mean. Bubble slimes. :( Looking at all this green just reminds me of them too much. But they are not in 4, and I grabbed the sprite sheet for 4.

P.S. All of you with DSs had best have played Rocket Slime, just so you know. Tank battles are AWESOME and I don't care what anyone else says.

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