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Ewwww, an actually long work day. Followed by a short day. Followed by a cooking day then ultimately followed by Hetalia Day. :3

I need to go get to work on hats. :/ I've got an order of 8 of them waiting to finish up, my fingers are ~already excited~ to tack them together. Have some stuffed animals in varying states of finished, as well. Mostly dismembered (and incredibly cute!) heads sitting next to the sewing machine.

I don't get off until midniiiight toniiiight. :(

I'm officially done with my Christmas shopping, though! It just all needs to, like, finish coming in the mail.
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Who got me userpics? Thank you so much! Merry Christmas. :3
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Merry Christmas, guys. ♥ Gift fic, etc. post later.
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C'mon guys! Ask for something for Christmas

Icons, fic, music, photoshop textures/brushes. I wanna make things for peopleeeeee

NORAD Track Santa was actually really fun this year. It was MUCH slower, and we got to answer the e-mails this year instead of being on phone duty. Phew! The e-mails were so fun. Had a guy in Glasgow knock back some whiskey in our honor. XD

ETA: BEST e-mail overall was probably the kids in Vancouver who assured me that the dog was instructed to stop opening the presents. They also needed to verify that, if they didn't clear all the snow off the deck, that the driveway would be ample landing room.
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Glad cards and packages have been arriving safely! :3

IDK, I'm not hugely looking forward to Christmas? Horray! Another year of not even getting a card from my own family! I can't even dredge up the motivation to send them gifts anymore. I did twice? The first time I got expired/stale candy 3 months later as a combo birthday-christmas gift. Despite, you know, being born in March and nowhere near Christmas. GEE WHIZ THANKS. Second time, nothing. Now I don't even know if my birthday present to my brother even arrived.

My asshead of a sister only gets a DA comment for her birthday. :p GLAD SHE'S NEVER GOTTEN A COMBO-GIFT, DESPITE BEING BORN ONLY A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS. IT'S IMPORTANT TO KEEP THESE THINGS SPECIAL. Except when dealing with those lezbeans, once a year is too much contact.


DS cookbook doodle is A+++. Even though it recommends making posole with just sort of corn.

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